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The deep wrinkles on either side of the mouth are one of the first facial ageing indicators in both men and women. When the natural elastin and collagen fibers of the face break down and lose elasticity, creases appear on both sides of the mouth, gradually deepening with time. Now these wrinkles can be removed permanently.

Dr. Mosser’s special expertise and skill in facial rejuvenation using injectable dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, and Botox Cosmetic, makes him the San Francisco Plastic Surgeon to see regarding this newest development in facial rejuvenation and wrinkle therapy.

ArteFill® is the latest and most exciting injectable facial dermal filler now available in San Francisco, and was developed specifically for rejuvenation – or permanent wrinkle removal – of the facial creases known as nasolabial folds, or smile lines.

ArteFill®. is the first and only permanent soft tissue filler to receive approval by the US FDA for this purpose, and in San Francisco Dr. Mosser is offering this exciting new treatment to his patients.

ArteFill® was developed and is being manufactured exclusively by Artes Medical, a Northern California medical technology company that has focused its research on a new category of aesthetic injectable products for men and women. ArteFill®, which became available upon its approval by the US FDA in October 2006, represents the first product in Artes Medical’s new category of non-resorbable dermal fillers providing a permanent support structure for enduring wrinkle correction.

The most significant feature of ArteFill® is that it is not reabsorbed by the body so it retains its cosmetic smoothing effects permanently. Long-term studies by the manufacturer have shown that after five years the aesthetic effect is the same – or even improved – compared to evaluation six months after treatment.

What makes this injectable dermal filler unique is that it contains especially developed microscopic “microspheres” of PMMA (a commonly used synthetic implant material) suspended in a purified bovine collagen gel. The gel carries the “microspheres” into place under the wrinkle, leaving them as a support structure beneath the skin to support the wrinkle and to prevent further wrinkling.

Dr. Mosser is a leader in San Francisco injection techniques using derma fillers for facial rejuvenation. He follows with interest new developments in the field and was among the first San Francisco Plastic Surgeons to participate in the ArteFill® Physicians Training Program certifying him to offer and administer the new dermal filler.

In a consultation with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco Plastic Surgery clinic, he explains to his patients the various treatments and therapies available and customizes a treatment to suit each case individually. Schedule an appointment with him to learn what treatment can best fulfill your goals.

ArteFill® may not suitable be for every patient, and – as with other derma fillers containing bovine collagen – an allergy test is always performed prior to consideration. For patients with known allergic reactions to bovine products or known Lidocaine hypersensitivity, ArteFill® would not be indicated.

ArteFill® is a simple injection procedure performed in Dr. Mosser’s San Francisco clinic or on a hospital out-patient basis. Discomfort is minimal and down time is relatively quick.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has additional information on Artefill on their site.