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Beautiful, Natural, Conservative Results

Dysport, a newly approved alternative to Botox, is an excellent solution for those seeking effective minimization of facial lines and creases. Utilizing botulinum toxin Type A as its active ingredient, Dysport has been trusted to relax wrinkles and treat neurological disorders outside of the United States for 15 years. In a city where patients wish to look and feel their best, Dysport-combined with the skill of an experienced surgeon-can provide subtle improvements to overwhelmingly enhance facial appearance.

While results do vary among individuals, initial reports suggest that there may be subtle differences between the two products. It’s possible that Dysport may provide quicker results (1-2 days) than Botox (3-5 days), and there may be some differences in terms of longevity. Dr. Mosser believes that the differences are likely to be minimal, however, and most likely it will be a case of one product ‘fitting’ better with a particular patient compared to the other option.

Because all individuals are different, prospective San Francisco Dysport patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Mosser’s office for a personalized consultation. Dr. Mosser has repeatedly utilized his gentle technique and expert skill to ensure minimal discomfort with maximum results. He welcomes your visit and the opportunity to share more about the safe and predictable results of Dysport in San Francisco.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has additional information on Dysport on their site.

DYSPORT reg; for Non-surgical Jawline Reduction and Facial Slimming

In the past, jawline reduction could be accomplished only by surgery, a complex, invasive and expensive procedure which required an extended recovery time.

With the advent of BOTOX ® and other antitoxin neuromodulators such as DYSPORT® and XEOMIN®, exciting alternative non-surgical treatments for jawline reduction have become a reality. DYSPORT®, manufactured by Medicis Pharmaceutical, gained US FDA approval in April 2009.

San Francisco jaw reduction patients benefit from being conveniently located to the Sutter Street plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic of Dr. Scott Mosser, who is a recognized expert in administering DYSPORT® and other neuromodulators such as BOTOX® and XEOMIN®. Dr.Mosser is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with specialized training and long experience in both non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Who Requests Jawline Reduction?

The use of DYSPORT® injections to reduce an overly wide jawline is a procedure that has been used for some years outside the US, mainly in Asian populations, and as an off label treatment in the US, predominately in Asian communities.In San Francisco DYSPORT® for jaw reduction is becoming more frequently requested.

The procedure is however by no means exclusive to patients of Asian heritage, and patients requesting jawline reduction may include:

  • A female who has a broad “masculine” jaw as an inherited family trait and desires a more “feminine” oval aspect.
  • Anyone who has hypertrophic (over-enlarged) masseter muscles due to teeth grinding or excessive chewing, or due to a genetic defect.
  • Anyone who wishes to reduce the appearance of a wide jawline to improve facial balance and harmony or who wants a square face to become more oval in shape.
  • Former weight lifters or body builders who may have overdeveloped masseter muscles from clenching the jaws repeatedly over a long period.
  • Anyone with the medical condition benign masseteric hypertrophy, a painful enlargement of the jaw muscle or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome, a painful disorder of the jaw joint.

The Procedure

Non-surgical jaw reduction involves the injection of DYSPORT® (abobotulinum toxin type A) into the masseter muscles, the main muscleson either side of the jawbone that are responsible for clenching the jaw, chewing, and teeth grinding. TheDYSPORT® partially relaxes the muscles and over time with repeated injections the underused masseter muscles shrink and recede, causing a narrower jawline appearance and a more oval face shape.

Exact dosage, timing of treatments and placement of injection sites are all critical considerations so choosing a physician with specialized training and experience is imperative to achieving the best results. For example, over twice as many units of DYSPORT® are required as compared to BOTOX®. The injections do not require anesthesia and take only a few moments but should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in an accredited office or clinic setting to ensure high medical procedure standards and sterility.

The Results

Within 2-3 weeks the full effect is seen, and will last for several months. Follow up treatments will maintain the effect and can cause the muscles to progressively become weaker and smaller. The effects are long lasting; six months to a year (even up to eighteen months has been reported). The effects last significantly longer than treatments of upper facial areas.Since sensitivity and movement are affected by two different types of nerves, the jaw area will not lose sensitivity following an injection.

DYSPORT® treatment to reduce the width of the jaw is an excellent alternative to surgery as it carries little or no risk.To be effective, however, it must be determined beforehand that the jaw width is due to overdeveloped or large masseter muscles and not to the size and width of the underlying bones.

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