4 Procedures You Can Get During Your Lunch Break

Cosmetic surgery enhancement has been around for a long time – but like the pace of modern life in the Bay Area, treatment times keep getting faster and faster. So fast that a number of procedures can even be completed over your lunch break.

Unwanted hair, uneven skin tone, fine lines and even wrinkles can be erased in hour or less with almost no downtime. Below we’ve identified four of the most popular “lunch-break” procedures:

Frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles can all be remedied through Botox. Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin A, a neurotoxin that blocks the signals that normally tell your muscles to contract. The result is wrinkle-free skin for three to six months.

Prior to treatment, the skin is cleansed and the injection sites are marked. In cosmetic surgery, a thin needle is then used to inject Botox beneath the surface of the skin. The results will begin to appear gradually over the course of a week. Repeat treatments will be needed to maintain results long term.

Dermal Fillers
Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra and other dermal fillers popular in the Bay Area can effectively treat contour irregularities, thin lips, hollow cheeks and facial wrinkles. The results are only temporary, but some dermal fillers provide results for more than year.

Similar to Botox, treatment begins after the face has been cleansed and injection sites have been marked. In some cosmetic surgery cases, a topical anesthetic may be used to minimize injection pain. Immediately following treatment, the skin may be a little swollen, but results should be visible right away.


SPA operation with face

Microdermabrasion is a powerful form of mechanical exfoliation gaining popularity in the Bay Area. Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots and superficial acne scarring can all see improvements from microdermabrasion.

A certified practitioner uses a diamond-tipped wand during cosmetic surgery to carefully remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face, chest and hands. Results can be seen after a single treatment – however a series of treatments is generally recommended. A typical treatment protocol will include six sessions spaced 10-14 days apart.

IPL Photofacial
Intense pulse therapy – otherwise known as an IPL Photofacial – can rejuvenate the skin by reducing signs of sun damage, fine wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries and skin redness common in the Bay Area. Treatments are especially effective for evening out skin tone on the face, chest, neck and hands.

During treatment, a surgeon will use a handheld device to apply pulses of light to the treatment area. The light penetrates through the surface of the skin to target problem areas. A cooling mask is then applied to the skin, followed by high-quality sunblock. Optimal results are achieved over the course of three to five treatments spaced three weeks apart.

Learn More About Lunch-Time Cosmetic Surgery Treatments
Before you choose to undergo a procedure in the Bay Area, make sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. During your consultation, you’ll have to opportunity to discuss your goals, the procedure’s risks and benefits and the type of results you can expect.

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