5 Ways an Eyelid Lift Can Help You Look Naturally Younger

Eyelid LiftIt looks like 2013 may also be the year the eyelid lift made it to mainstream popularity, alongside the equally popular Brazilian butt lift.  First, it soared 5 percent higher than that of 2012, going a notch higher to 3rd place from its 4th place position last year in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures in 2013.

In addition, the admission of popular news anchor and host Julie Chen that she had eyelid surgery when she was 25 (and after being told that she will never become an anchor because she looked too Chinese)  to look more Westernized has made it more well-known amongst the public.

This year, the eyelid lift does more than give you that Westernized look. Below are 5 ways an eyelid lift can make you look naturally younger (and finally make that decision to have the surgery in 2014):

1. An eyelid lift can remove sagging and loose skin that hangs over the eyes. Aside from rejuvenating the face, it can also help improve peripheral vision if the excess skin has been a cause of vision troubles.

2. An eyelid lift can also remove (and redistribute it) excess fat around the eyes which contributes to the dreaded puffiness.

3. The appearance of unappealing eye bags can also be improved with an eyelid lift.

4. In some cases, the lower eyelids may droop just below the iris, resulting to the “white part” of your eye taking over the colored portion. This can be corrected by an eyelid lift, too. 

5. Lastly, an eyelid lift can restore overall definition of the eyes resulting to a more youthful look on your end.

 What an Eyelift Cannot Do

Not all aging problems in the eye area can be improved with an eyelid lift though. By and large, the following cosmetic woes may need to be treated with other treatments or procedures: 

  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes) – This is best treated with non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox and skin resurfacing treatments.

  • Dark circles around the eyes – Dark circles, by and large, don’t have as much to do with aging but rather genetics, lack of sleep, and diet. Eye creams and non-surgical treatments may work for this cosmetic problem. However, when bags in the lower eyelids contribute to the shadows of dark circles, often a lower eye lift can at least improve the circles. 

  • Sagging eyebrows – An eyelid lift alone may not provide the optimum results. Rather, a brow lift may done alone or in conjunction with an eyelid lift for maximum aesthetic results. 

Complete Eye Rejuvenation by Dr. Mosser

Our San Francisco plastic surgery practice offers skin resurfacing procedures that can further improve the tone and surface to the skin surrounding the eye. These procedures are typically done after your eyelid lift surgery. Oftentimes, an eyelid surgery may also be combined with a face lift to create an overall refreshed look. 

Call us at 415.398.7778 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment. San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Mosser does more than perform the procedure of your choice, he also aims to provide you with personalized treatments and/or treatment combinations to help restore and reveal your natural beauty!


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