A Closer Look on the Subglandular Placement of Breast Implants

Mini Tummy TuckMaking the decision to have breast augmentation involves a lot of micro-decisions. You will have to choose which breast implant type suits you well, the type of incision, and implant placement. A subglandular placement is commonly performed at Dr. Mosser’s practice. Read on to learn why!

Reduced Risk of Motion Deformity

Implants placed via the subglandular positioning means that the implant is placed on top of the pectoralis (chest) muscle and behind the breast gland. Many prefer this implant placement because it prevents motion deformity or animation of the implants, a common occurrence where the implants appear too obvious, particularly during arm movements that involve chest muscle contraction.

Easier Detection of Capsular Contracture

Furthermore, subglandular positioning makes capsular contracture easy to detect. Ideally, a breast implant is surrounded by a thin or transparent capsule, allowing the implant to move freely. However, a capsular contracture occurs when the capsule tightens and thickens within the implant  resulting to an odd-looking, constricted look.

A Natural Lift

Apart from producing a more natural-looking outcome, placing implants above the pectoralis chest muscle and beneath the breast tissue gives the breast a significant amount of boost. This is ideal for women who have a considerable amount of drooping in their breasts.

Let us help you figure out if a subglandular placement is ideal for your breast enhancement surgery, Call 415.398.7778 to schedule an appointment today!

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