Please Read – Copyright & Information Sharing Policy: Dr.Mosser

  If you are interested in posting Dr. Mosser’s articles on your website, please read the following:

All of Dr. Mosser’s website is original text written by Dr. Mosser himself, for the purpose of educating his patients about plastic surgery. Copying any portion of Dr. Mosser’s articles or text from his website and re-posting to another site is a Copyright infringement and an act of plagiarism. Websites which violate this code will be reported to Google as per guidelines in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which penalizes websites for acts of copyright infringement.

However, Dr. Mosser has many articles available to you for posting on other sites. These will happily be provided to any qualified web site in the health and beauty industry. To receive a list of available articles (of approximately 500-600 words each that are written by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott W. Mosser) please send us your request by using the “ask the plastic surgeon” feature in the left hand-menu of our website.

In your request please do not send the URL of the website where the articles will be posted, as this information is not premitted in the “ask the plastic surgeon” form. Instead, just send your request with a valid email address, and we will contact you to request additional information. The Google page rank of your site will be considered in your request. Upon approval of your site, our office will provide a list of available articles you can use to help teach patients about plastic surgery procedures and to provide ample content in this area. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Dr. Mosser