Acting on Impulse – Why Cooling Off Counts

There are two types of cosmetic surgeons — responsible doctors who seek to help their patients and irresponsible types who seek to solely improve their bank account. It’s not always easy for a patient to know enough about a surgeon’s technical know-how, but there is abody-fat-transfer n easy way to differentiate between the responsible and irresponsible.

Ask yourself – do I feel in any way that I’m being even slightly rushed?

For most, cosmetic surgery is a life-changing process that can provide a whole new outlook. Because of that, it’s also a decision that’s not to be taken lightly – nor is it one that should be rushed. If, for example, you’re considering rhinoplasty but just cannot make up your mind, you really shouldn’t have to worry about mulling it over for weeks, months, even years. If you’re vacillating, do you get the feeling the surgeon is getting a bit annoyed with your inability to make up your mind? If so, you need to find a new surgeon.

Dr. Mosser does things differently. We not only encourage a period of deep and comprehensive thought prior to going ahead, we insist upon it. We’ll never rush you to surgery without first giving you time to think carefully about your decision. If you’ve approached the whole subject with a level head then chances are you won’t change your mind and are ready to proceed with surgery. But if you’ve acted upon impulse, you might find that this cooling off period changes, or at least delays, your decision.

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