Are ‘gummy bear’ implants better than standard silicone gel implants or than saline filled implants?

Breast ImplantThere’s no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to this question. The most correct reply is that gummy bear implants may be ideal for one patient and not at all suitable for another, depending on body characteristics, age, skin type, size, and personal goals.

“Gummy bear’ implants, due to their form-stable shape, require a longer incision than standard round or tear shaped silicone implants and cannot be inserted into tiny incisions in an non-inflated form as can saline filled implants. They also require very precise positioning in the spaces created for them either under or over the chest muscles.  For this reason they are often not suitable to replace previous larger implants.

If you decide that ‘gummy bear’ implants are right for you be sure to chose a skilled plastic surgeon with expertise and experience using the new cohesive gel implants.

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