Buttock Lift San Francisco

Sometimes the body is a victim of its own success. Considerable weight loss can make huge improvements in bodily appearance, but it can also have the effect of revealing extra skin and sometimes sagging tissues.

When maturity or weight loss leads to extra skin in the buttock area, the buttocks will typically appear flat, droopy, or even concentrate the buttock tissue just above the fold, instead of overlying the main part of the buttock where it belongs.

A buttock lift can correct this problem by removing excess skin in the upper butt and lower back areas and providing a smoother, tighter appearance. In addition, the transition between the buttocks and thighs can also be improved with the procedure.

Bay Area – Buttock Lift Basics

A buttock lift is a procedure to remove excess skin in the upper butt and lower back areas, which has the effect of lifting the buttock tissues to their former position. Sagging tissues are lifted and removed and a flat rear end becomes rounder.

Additionally, the aesthetic transition between the buttocks and the thighs can be greatly improved. The surgery can be performed alone, or in conjunction with a full body lift and/or liposuction to give a more contoured appearance.

It is important to note that the buttock lift focuses primarily on improving the quality and tightness of the skin, not additional volume. Some patients may have excellent skin but are interested in adding volume, and would benefit most from fat grafting to the buttocks (also called a Brazilian butt lift).

The Brazilian butt lift provides roundness, projection, and gives the area a better-defined shape. Dr. Mosser’s careful technique of “micro-fat grafting” can provide a much more reliable way to augment the buttocks than was previously available with traditional fat grafting approaches. Please see below for more information about the Brazilian buttock lift.

The buttock lift procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the buttock area. In this section, you will discover:

  • What you can realistically expect from a buttock lift.
  • Whether you’re a candidate for a buttock lift.
  • How a buttock lift is performed.

Once you’ve reviewed the benefits and details associated with a buttock lift, you’ll want to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco plastic surgery office to discuss your specific goals.

In this relaxed environment, he will be able to explain to you:

  • Whether or not a buttock lift makes sense for you.
  • The alternatives for meeting your specific goals.
  • The step-by-step procedure that you will undergo.
  • The outcome you can reasonably expect along with risks and possible complications of a buttock lift.

The Best Candidates for Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock lift surgery can be performed conveniently for anyone in the Bay area. Buttock lift surgery is best suited for those who have healthy buttock tissue and muscles and are in overall good health. In arriving at realistic goals for your buttock lift surgery, you should also take into account several key questions:

  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure?
  • Are you a nonsmoker?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that could impair healing from surgery?
  • Are you committed to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, including moderate amounts of physical exercise?
  • Can you fully disclose your health history to Dr. Mosser, including current medications, your use of vitamin and herbal supplements, as well as your use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs?

Surgery Specifics—What You Can Expect from a Buttock Lift

Dr. Mosser performs buttock lift surgery in several locations in San Francisco. Plastic surgery procedures may be scheduled for the surgery center at 450 Sutter in Union Square, as well as California Pacific Medical Center, and St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco.

The specific surgery you will undergo depends on the unique characteristics of your body, realistic goals that you and Dr. Mosser have agreed on, and the specific conditions you want to correct.

For those undergoing buttock lift surgery, Dr. Mosser uses a modern and safe technique to reposition tissue and tighten excess skin. After making a small incision at the top of the buttocks, Dr. Mosser trims the area of excess skin and fat.

The remaining skin is reshaped and lifted to the waist over the muscles. Drains then may be placed below the skin to remove excess fluid. The surgery is generally completed in three to six hours.

It is common for patients to combine buttock lift surgery with liposuction and/or a body lift to produce a more defined appearance. Should you choose to engage in more than one surgery, Dr. Mosser will consult with you on estimated surgical time and the transitions among procedures.

Post Buttock Lift Recuperation

Immediately following buttock lift surgery, compresses may be applied to reduce swelling.

Before you are released, Dr. Mosser will explain:

  • How to care for the surgical area.
  • Medications to take orally in order to reduce pain and the risk of infection.
  • How to monitor the surgical site for specific problems.

You may be groggy for the first day or two from the anesthetic and/or pain medications.

Most of your time should be spent in bed, making sure not to directly sit on your buttocks after surgery.

You should either sleep on your side or your stomach, using pillows to support yourself. You will need to do this for approximately two weeks, or until Dr. Mosser says it’s safe to sleep or sit in a position with pressure on your buttocks.

Your buttocks will become swollen for the first few days following your procedure; however, the swelling will resolve within a few weeks. You may also notice tingling, pulling, burning, or cold sensations, but these too diminish over a few weeks. You can return to most normal, low-impact activities within a couple weeks of having buttock lift surgery.

Sutures will dissolve or be removed 7-10 days following the procedure, depending on your healing progress. You should not participate in any strenuous physical activity until cleared by Dr. Mosser.