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If you’re considering body contouring surgery in San Francisco …

The Benefits of Body Contouring after Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss can benefit your health as well as your self-image. And yet once you’ve reached your desired weight, you may notice that your skin is loose, that it may sag in certain places, and that some of your body contours are irregular and unsightly.

Surgical body contouring may hold the solution you’re seeking for a better looking body. By reducing excess fat and skin that has developed in various regions, body contouring gives you a smoother, more harmonious, and often more youthful appearance.

In this section, you will discover:

  • How body contouring can improve your appearance and your health.
  • What you can realistically expect from the surgery.
  • Whether you’re a candidate for body contouring.
  • The options available to you.
  • How the body sculpting procedure is done.

Once you’ve reviewed the benefits and surgical procedures of body contouring, you’ll want to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery office to discuss your specific goals.

In this relaxed environment, he will be able to explain to you:

  • Whether or not you’re a candidate for body contouring.
  • The best options for your specific goals.
  • The step-by-step sculpting procedure that you will undergo.
  • The outcome you can reasonably expect along with risks and possible complications of body sculpting surgery.
  • Alternatives worthy of your consideration.

Body Contouring Basics

Those who are most likely to see benefits from body contouring have undergone significant weight loss, either through diet and exercise, through bariatric surgery (also known as gastric bypass surgery), or some other form of medical treatment. Following dramatic weight loss, skin that has been stretched is now unsupported. It often lacks the elasticity to conform to a reduced body size. This can result in all manner of unsightly sagging and uneven body contours.

These include:

  • Hanging pockets of skin around the buttocks, groin, or thighs.
  • Drooping jowls on the face and extra neck skin.
  • Flabby upper arms.
  • Downward pointing breasts, which flatten against the stomach.
  • Overhanging skin in the abdominal area.

Your health can also be compromised if the sagging skin becomes macerated (wet or infected). This is at least one excellent reason to view body contouring as the final stage of your weight-loss program.

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