Liposuction San Francisco

Is Liposuction for You?

Are you satisfied with the proportion and natural contours of your body? No matter how healthy and physically fit you are, disproportionate contours that result from local fat deposits can detract from the way you’d like others to see you and from the way you’d like to see yourself. These contours can occur anywhere on your face or your body. Quite often, these fat deposits result from family genes you inherited, not because of overeating or a lack of physical fitness. It can be disappointing when exercise and diet fail to remove these unsightly contours, even as they tone up the rest of your body.

Liposuction, which is also called lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, can help slim and reshape specific parts of your body by removing regional fat deposits. It can do wonders for your self image and for your general well being. In this section, you’ll discover:

  • what liposuction surgery is
  • how the liposuction procedure is done
  • what alternatives are available to you
  • what you can realistically expect from liposuction
  • how to proceed if you decide liposuction is right for you

After you have reviewed the techniques of liposuction and have a general understanding of the results you’ll get, you’ll want to arrange a consultation visit with San Francisco liposuction surgeon Dr. Mosser in his office or in one of his Bay-area plastic surgery locations to discuss your specific goals. In this relaxed environment, he will explain:

  • whether or not you’re a candidate for liposuction and why
  • the recommended type of surgery for your goals
  • the specific, step-by-step liposculpture procedure you will undergo
  • the outcome you can expect along with any risks or possible complications
  • alternatives of liposuction that are worthy of your consideration

The Three Forms of Liposuction

Though liposuction is often thought of as a single procedure, there are actually three main variations—each suited to removing excess fat deposits from specific types of body tissue. Tumescent liposuction, also called the super-wet technique, requires an infusion of saline and an agent to constrict blood vessels and prevent bleeding, before excess fat is removed. Quite often, this procedure requires an anesthetic. Next there is ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, which uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy the excess fat before it is suctioned away. Though ultrasound liposuction can improve results and speed the recovery process, there is an increased risk of some complications with ultrasound assisted liposuction. Recently, a company has developed a form of ultrasound liposuction that is extremely safe, called Vaser liposuction (or Liposelection by Vaser). Dr. Mosser uses the Vaser technique regularly, and can explain the technology to you in detail when you visit for a consultation in San Francisco. In addition, Dr. Mosser will explain which liposuction procedure is best suited to your specific goals and why.

Excess fat deposits can appear anywhere on the body. Liposuction reshapes these body contours. It yields its best results when reducing excess fat deposits from these areas:

  • cheeks
  • chin
  • neck
  • upper arms
  • breast area
  • back
  • abdomen
  • waist
  • hips
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • inner knee
  • calves
  • ankles

Liposuction has proven to be remarkably effective in removing double chins, fatty upper arms, enlarged breasts (male and female), and any excess fat in the abdomen. It is not effective in treating obesity; nor is it a quick-fix remedy for a poor diet and a lack of exercise. Furthermore, to the disappointment of many, it will not help with cellulite.

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