Q&A: How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a popular augmentation procedure.  It is usually sought after to give the patient a youthful, perky appearance in their butt, and an enhanced body profile.  The upper quadrant of your buttocks are filled so that it is enhanced and lifted, giving you the youthful appearance you desire.

The Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure begins at $12,000. The price can increase depending upon how many areas of Liposuction are needed to harvest the amount of fat necessary to create the increase to the buttock area that a patient desires.

The procedure involves donor fat processing, correct liposuction techniques, and methods of micro injection to achieve the desired results.  If you are looking into this procedure, be sure to learn about the surgeon’s technique.  Micro fat grafting is a meticulous and precise technique used by a surgeon to inject tiny fat particles into the buttocks to achieve the augmentation you desire while also ensuring a natural and long-lasting result.  It is more labor intensive and depends more on the aesthetic ability of the surgeon (thus usually a higher cost), but is well worth it in terms of longevity of the fat survival.

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