Breast Lift Recuperation

If you’re considering breast lift surgery in the Bay Area:

Once the excess skin is removed, the breast tissue is reshaped and lifted—hence the name breast lift. The skin surrounding the incision is tightened and excess skin is removed before the incisions are closed. Incision lines are permanent, but aren’t readily noticeable (most lines are hidden in the natural contours of the breast). And they will fade over time.

Post Breast Lift Surgery Recuperation

You will experience swelling and discomfort around the incision sites immediately after breast lift surgery. This is normal. You may be given a support bra and elastic bandages to ease the swelling and to support your breasts as they heal. In addition, Dr. Mosser may insert a small tube to drain any excess fluid that may accumulate. Dr. Mosser will help you manage pain through medication and he will give detailed instructions about medications to apply or take orally, which will aid in the healing and reduce the risk of infection.

You may be asked to wear a support bra continuously for the first week or two after your breast lift. Dr. Mosser will instruct you on how to cleanse the incision sites and to apply ointment as necessary. You can return to light, regular activity within a few days of breast lift surgery, so long as you avoid heavy lifting or any kind of vigorous activity. The initial incision sites will take five to ten days to heal, during which time sutures will dissolve on their own or be removed, if necessary. Swelling will dissipate over the next several weeks.

Results—the Amazing New You

As your breast shape and position continues to settle, you will begin to see the results of your breast lift surgery. The final result can take several months to be visible. While incision lines will still be present, they won’t be noticeable, even under a revealing bathing suit. Over the years, aging and gravity will begin to gently reassert themselves, but with far less effect. The best way to maintain the shape and position of your breasts is to maintain your weight and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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