Breast Enhancement Surgery San Francisco

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Breast Augmentation

Are you thinking about breast augmentation? San Francisco patients have a variety of reasons why they consider breast enhancement through implants. Some women have breasts which are unevenly sized, and others have had previous surgical procedures on their breasts and need some element of reconstruction.Most women are simply improving their breast size and contour, with a goal of increasing their bra size by one or more cup sizes with breast augmentation. San Francisco board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mosser has many state-of-the-art options when it comes to enhancing the breasts with implants. Patients benefit from his extensive knowledge of incision options, implant placement and the new types of implants available through leaders like the Natrelle Collection by Allergan, Inc.

Breast surgery is tailored to each individual patient and a number of decisions need to be made with regards to your procedure. The selection of the breast implant shape and texture, fill material (silicone versus saline), position and incision location are all decisions which are undertaken with Dr. Mosser’s assistance and tailored to your individual needs.

Breast implants can be placed through a number of different locations, such as the axillary incision (armpit), periareolar incision (along the darker portion of the areola), or inframammary fold incision (underneath the breast) can be options for breast augmentation. The Natrelle implant company created the Pre-Consultation Kit for patients considering breast augmentation.

The kit contains implant sizers, an educational DVD, and exclusive specials. To learn more click here. Bay area patients have a clear advantage with Dr. Mosser’s extensive knowledge and experience, helping patients obtain beautiful, natural breast enhancement results.

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Breast Lift

A number of concerns are addressed by the procedure known as a breast lift. San Francisco women in particular prioritize a natural appearance with breast surgery, and breast lift (mastopexy) surgery is no exception. This procedure involves lifting and repositioning the nipples, redistributing the breast tissue and removal of any excess skin, which is contributing to the sagging appearance of the breasts.The incisions and scarring depends on the nipple position and the amount of excess skin that is present prior to the mastopexy or breast lift. Our Bay Area patients require a wide range of procedure types, each of which is tailored to the individual patient and to each individual breast.

Some patients need only a small incision right around the areola (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple), while others will require further incisions to remove the excess skin, while for others, a breast implant can slightly increase the volume of breasts and give the appearance of slightly lifted breasts.

During your consultation, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mosser takes the time to discuss your aesthetic goals and discuss the best treatment options with you to give you a more youthful breast shape and contour.

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Breast Reduction

Excess breast tissue and skin are removed, while the nipple and areola are repositioned during a reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction. San Francisco breast reduction patients are some of Dr. Mosser’s most appreciative and satisfied patients, because many of their symptoms are alleviated by this procedure, allowing them to live without everyday pain, stand up straight, exercise, avoid unwanted attention, and purchase clothing that fits.The goal of this procedure is to have much smaller, well-proportioned breasts that are properly sized and positioned, which can be obtained with a breast reduction. Bay Area patients may be able to seek insurance participation with this procedure, so please contact our office and your insurance carrier to see if Dr. Mosser is a participating provider and if the breast reduction procedure is a covered benefit.

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Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples are a physical anomaly that commonly becomes apparent around the age of puberty in approximately two percent of the female population. Nipples can also become inverted due to breastfeeding when scar tissue distorts the milk ducts, shortening them and pulling the tip of the nipple inward. Nipple inversion also occurs in males, but more rarely.The inverted nipple presents as a slit or hole in the breast, generally on both breasts if the condition is congenital, or may occur on one or both breasts if caused by breastfeeding. This distortion of the shape and symmetry of the breasts can be a cause of embarrassment and distress for many women, and the condition often goes untreated.

In the past, women with inverted nipples were reticent about demanding help; San Francisco Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mosser now receives more frequent requests for information and help from women seeking a surgical solution. Fortunately, the condition can be easily corrected, and Dr. Mosser is happy to explain the various surgical techniques available for inverted nipple correction.

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