Can You Still Get Breast Implants If You’re an Athlete?

Breast Implant Many women visit our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery practice for the first time to ask about their breast augmentation options. Every so often, one of their concerns is whether or not breast implants can interfere with their athletic activities. It’s not uncommon for most of our patients regularly running marathons, doing CrossFit, or engaging in some highly active exercise routine to stay in shape. The good news for these women is that they can still enjoy the benefits of breast implants and still enjoy exercise!

While a personal consultation with Dr. Mosser is the first step to creating a breast augmentation surgical plan that suits you well, including your athletic and highly active lifestyle, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

Type of Breast Implant – Implants can either be saline or silicone. What we have noticed is that most women who engage regularly in highly physical activities prefer the softer feel and natural look of silicone implants. Each body is different though (including one’s preferences) and one’s choice of implant may be decided upon thorough assessment following consultation.

Implant Size – Having too large implants may cause pain and discomfort and affect performance, particularly in runners and swimmers. A thorough assessment of your body frame, including your height, weight, and width of your shoulder is important.

Implant Placement – Some athletic women prefers to have an implant placed above the muscle (subglandular) since it involves shorter recovery time. However, there are also women who engage in weight lifting, golf, and racquet sports who do not want their breast implants to interfere with their muscle activity. For these women, a submuscular placement (placed under the muscle) may be more appropriate.

Recovery – We understand that you may want to get back to your fitness routine or sports activity the sooner you are able following surgery. However, certain restrictions may apply following breast implant placement and you may have to take measures (like getting enough rest) to heal and recover quickly. It is best that you discuss your recovery expectations with Dr. Mosser.

Choosing Your Breast Enhancement Surgeon in Union Square, San Francisco
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