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How to Detect Breast Implant Rupture

Breast implant rupture, whether it’s saline or silicone, is a potential risk following breast augmentation with implants. During your personal consultation with Dr. Mosser before the surgery, it is best to learn everything there is to know about breast implant rupture, particularly when it comes to detecting the early signs. After all, a well-informed decision CONTINUE READING

A Closer Look on the Subglandular Placement of Breast Implants

Making the decision to have breast augmentation involves a lot of micro-decisions. You will have to choose which breast implant type suits you well, the type of incision, and implant placement. A subglandular placement is commonly performed at Dr. Mosser’s practice. Read on to learn why! Reduced Risk of Motion Deformity Implants placed via the CONTINUE READING

The Breast Implant Decision

After making the decision to have breast augmentation, you also need to make micro-decisions specific to the procedure. Choosing which breast implant type, size, and shape is one of these micro-decisions. An overview of the different implant choices below can help you figure out which ones will suit your aesthetic goals and preferences. Saline Implants CONTINUE READING

When to Choose the Inframammary Incision in Breast Augmentation

Many women who visit us for the first time here at our San Francisco plastic surgery practice for a breast augmentation consultation would often express their concern about scarring after the procedure. Although scarring after having breast implants can be influenced by various factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and smoking habits, the incision you CONTINUE READING

How Soon Can I Drive After Getting Breast Implants?

Every so often, women who visit us during initial consultations here at our Union Square plastic surgery practice will ask us about the activities they can and cannot do after their breast augmentation surgery. “How soon can I drive after I have my breast implants?” is one of the most common questions that Dr. Mosser CONTINUE READING