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Will I have visible scars from eyelid surgery?

Typically eyelid scars are present but minimal and usually takes a person knowing exactly what to look for in order for them to be seen.  Usually they are hidden by the lid fold, when performed by a skilled surgeon.  Incisions shouldn’t be too high or too low, and they should only go out laterally as CONTINUE READING

The eyes are the window to the soul

We communicate constantly with our eyes. Even throughout the day when we are silent, our eyes convey volumes of information about what we think and feel to the outside world. The problem is when the appearance of the eyes is inconsistent with the emotions inside of a person. Many patients come to me frustrated that CONTINUE READING

What’s the best treatment for eye wrinkles?

The best treatment for eye wrinkles depends on the area where the wrinkles are located and the severity  of the wrinkles.  Botox or Dysport can be very effective in eliminating the appearance of crow’s feet, or the lines near the outer part of the eye.  Sometimes a filler such as Juvederm can be used to reduce CONTINUE READING

Can asymmetric eyes or eyebrows be fixed?

This depends greatly on your individual circumstance.  Some asymmetries can be repaired, and some can’t.  And most people have some facial asymmetry anyway to a degree. A surgeon who is skilled can assess any asymmetries you may have and help you come up with a surgical plan to minimize them as best as possible.  A CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Can I change my eye shape?

Blepharoplasty procedures should not change the shape of the eye; they are meant to showcase the natural look of your eye, while removing excess skin and fatty tissue which can create a tired, older appearance. At times, the Asian Blepharoplasty can be thought of as “changing” the shape of the eye, but unless that is CONTINUE READING

Q&A: What is double eyelids surgery?

This refers to the creation or accentuation of an eyelid crease, most commonly performed on an Asian eye.  For that reason, it’s often called the Asian Blepharoplasty.  This procedure is performed in order to make an Asian eyelid look more like a Caucasian eyelid by creating a visible fold.

Q&A: What is Transconjunctival blepharoplasty?

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a procedure which targets the fat deposits, sometimes referred to as “bags”, of the lower eyelid.  The incision is made on the inside in order to access orbital fat.  The latest techniques give you a much more natural look by replacing or repositioning the fat. The incision is not visible and is CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Droopy eyelids – alternatives to eye lift surgery?

All of us wish that there were good alternatives to droopy brows and eyelids other than surgery. Although there can be many underlying issues that affect eye appearance, sagging eyelids are very common to getting older.  Some dietary considerations like salt reduction and good hydration, as well as getting plenty of sleep can help at CONTINUE READING