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New Study Identifies Risk Factors for Sagging Eyelids

The presence of excess skin, bulging fat, and increasingly loose muscles in and near the eye area may give way to an older, tired, or perpetually upset appearance. The appearance of wrinkles, folds, and fine lines have always been associated with genetics, aging, and lifestyle factors such as smoking, nutrition, and sun exposure. However, a CONTINUE READING

How to Deal with Sagging Skin Issues

The hallmark attributes of youthful skin is similar across cultures and ethnicities: firm, elastic, smooth, and free of defects or blemishes. However, the human body changes over time and the skin is no exception. As the largest organ in the body, it undergoes a tremendous number of changes from infancy to childhood to adolescence to CONTINUE READING

5 Signs That Will Give Your Real Age Away (And What You Can Do About It!)

Although aging is inevitable, there are numerous cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of the hallmarks of physical aging — from sagging jowls to the dreaded crow’s feet. Whether you’re looking into restoring your natural beauty or wanting to make subtle changes for dramatic results, our San Francisco cosmetic surgery practice is committed to helping CONTINUE READING

5 Ways an Eyelid Lift Can Help You Look Naturally Younger

It looks like 2013 may also be the year the eyelid lift made it to mainstream popularity, alongside the equally popular Brazilian butt lift.  First, it soared 5 percent higher than that of 2012, going a notch higher to 3rd place from its 4th place position last year in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures CONTINUE READING