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Understanding the Basics of Fat Grafting

Silicone implants have been employed for a while now in plastic surgery such as breast augmentation and buttock enhancement. Currently, fat grafting in lieu of implants is slowly taking the center stage. Fat transfer is nothing new in cosmetic surgery though. It has long been used in filling in hollowed cheeks and pitted scars. At CONTINUE READING

Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Patient education is one of Dr. Mosser’s priorities in his San Francisco plastic surgery practice. We have noticed over the years that a well-informed patient is most likely to be satisfied with the outcomes of surgery than those who didn’t take the time to ask questions and carefully evaluate their plastic surgery options. Like all CONTINUE READING

How much does Lip Augmentation cost?

Costs vary depending on procedure. For Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm , the cost is $600 per syringe and usually the job can be done with one syringe alone.  For the first visit to the office, we offer a 20% discount to new filler patients. These fillers generally last four to five months. If the patient CONTINUE READING

What are the best lip augmentation options?

Lip augmentation is actually a pretty complex topic for what seems like a simple goal.  The reason is that most patients would love to have a permanent augmentation to the lips but often it would be either a major undertaking, or involve enough steps that in the end a filler would be simply a much CONTINUE READING

How long will swelling last if I get fat grafting to the cheek area?

Significant facial swelling can be seen for 1-2 weeks after your procedure.  A complete resolution of all swelling should be apparent at 2-3 months.  However true facial definition (such as in the thinner areas of the face) can take several months to completely reappear based on how long ago you had the grafting done, and CONTINUE READING

What percentage of transferred fat will remain permanently?

The percentage of fat transfer that becomes permanent depends largely on the area grafted and the techniques used to graft it.  It can range from 20-40% in the face to 80% or more in the buttocks (such as with the Brazilian Butt lift) if the procedure for fat grafting is the ‘micro fat graft technique’ CONTINUE READING

Is there a best place on the body to harvest fat?

There are different techniques used by surgeons when harvesting fat, and the ultimate goal is to keep the cells alive and to isolate the fat cells so that their opportunity for survival in the new location is at its peak. However, while there are different techniques used, when it comes to location to harvest fat, CONTINUE READING