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What’s the best treatment for deep wrinkles?

Using fillers to volumize and solutions such as Botox or Dysport to treat the underlying tight muscles is a good course of action for deep wrinkles.  Factors such as where they are located and how deep the wrinkles actually are will play a role in the type of treatment that may be most successful. The CONTINUE READING

Best way to get rid of smoker lines on upper lip?

“Smoker lines” are actually possible whether you smoke or not.  Smoking breaks down the production of collagen which increases the appearance of wrinkles, so it’s good to avoid smoking altogether.  But it’s not the only cause of these lines.  Time, age and sun damage can also contribute to these wrinkles. For the small, vertical lines CONTINUE READING

Zinc Supplements… Can It Make Botox Work Better?

It’s been said recently that a proprietary dietary supplement makes Botox injections more effective.  My opinion currently is that data is inconclusive, but let’s discuss it further. First here’s what we do know about zinc and Botox injections to date. Botox actually does require a bit of zinc to work properly.  Botox is part of CONTINUE READING

Fall Specials: Artefill, Botox, Latisse

A Rare Opportunity: Ensure results with the Artefill Assurance Program The makers of Artefill are offering a rare perk to patients considering the dermal filler through the Artefill Assurance Program. If a patient does not receive optimal results full correction from the first 3-syringe Artefill treatment to correct smile lines, then he or she may CONTINUE READING

September Specials – Injectable Fillers

The big news: 20% off all injectables (a savings of anywhere from $100-200 per syringe) through September! Usually reserved for patients new to the practice, we are extending our 20% off welcome to all patients in the practice for the month of September. Read below to see what additional news might be helpful for you! CONTINUE READING