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Thigh Liposuction vs. Thigh Lift

Without an actual exam it’s difficult to determine which of these procedures will be your best option, or if a combination of the two will be needed.  Liposuction works to remove unwanted, excess fat and can change the contour of the thigh. If your skin elasticity is good, this alone can be a solution.  If CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Liposuction vs Mini Tummy Tuck

These two procedures differ in what they target: Liposuction targets excess fat and the Mini Tummy Tuck targets excess skin below the belly button. These two procedures may be done at the same time, but the Mini Tummy Tuck can also be done later on, if you desire.  If you have good skin elasticity and CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Can I use SmartLipo, Vaser or CoolLipo with a Brazilian Butt lift?

It is commonly thought that procedures such as these, involving heat, laser, or ultrasound technology is less invasive.  That actually may be a misconception.  Procedures such as this can, in a sense, be considered more invasive since you are adding heat or laser to the traditional form of liposuction involving a metal cannula and vacuum CONTINUE READING

Q&A: What are potential risks for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Some of the common side affects associated with this procedure are swelling, soreness, and post-operative fatigue.  Risks of this procedure are similar to those of Liposuction (as the procedure itself uses liposuction) and can include things like asymmetry, lumpiness, and fat necrosis, which is where the fat cells do not take, and instead may form CONTINUE READING

Q&A: What is the difference between liposculpture and liposuction?

There is no real difference. Some companies (like Vaser) have preferred to differentiate themselves with a different word for liposuction for marketing purposes only. It is best to really understand the technique your doctor uses and not oversimplify it between liposculpture and liposuction. The term liposculpture is often used when talking about ‘shaping’ the body CONTINUE READING