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A Typical Timeline of Recovery from Liposuction

Recovery period from liposuction here at our Union Square plastic surgery practice varies from one person to another. By and large, it mainly depends on the size of the treated area. Dr. Mosser will craft a personalized liposuction treatment plan that will help you achieve naturally beautiful and proportional results with the shortest recovery time CONTINUE READING

Your Wrinkles May Make You Appear Chronically Sad or Angry

SkinA combination of the normal aging process in your skin, sun exposure and the effects of gravity could result to wrinkle formation. Apart from making you look old, the appearance of wrinkles also has a profound impact on one’s self-esteem. Here at our San Francisco cosmetic surgery practice, men and women share their sentiments regarding CONTINUE READING

A Quick Look at Facial Fat Transfer

According to the most recent figures by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Brazilian butt lift (buttock augmentation via fat transfer) was one of the surgical cosmetic procedures whose consumer demands increased last year. Here at our practice, another cosmetic procedure utilizing fat transfer is also starting to catch the attention of many CONTINUE READING