How much does rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty In answer to your question, the cost of rhinoplasty may vary depending on the area where you are having the procedure done.  In San Francisco, the pricing for a Rhinoplasty can range from $7,000-$9,000.  It is also important that you find out exactly what is included in the fee.  The price quote should include everything, such as pre and post op visits, any anesthesia and operating room fees as well as your surgeon’s fee and any other applicable charges that may be incurred with your particular case.
It’s also important when choosing a Rhinoplasty surgeon to find a Board Certified Surgeon who has experience with facial and nasal surgeries.  Ask how many facial and nasal surgeries they perform on a regular basis.  If they don’t perform them regularly, keep searching until you find one who does.  Rhinoplasty can be a difficult procedure with a high touch up rate, and you want to ensure the best possible outcome the first time, or your costs can become significantly higher in the long-run.

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