How to Deal with Sagging Skin Issues

FaceliftThe hallmark attributes of youthful skin is similar across cultures and ethnicities: firm, elastic, smooth, and free of defects or blemishes. However, the human body changes over time and the skin is no exception. As the largest organ in the body, it undergoes a tremendous number of changes from infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Every so often, loose, sagging skin is one of the noticeable changes that prompt men and women to seek Dr. Mosser’s expertise in providing cosmetic solutions. Read on below to learn more about ways to reduce and delay the appearance of sagging skin resulting from aging.

Factors with Major Influence on Sagging Skin

Generally, factors that influence the appearance of sagging skin include the following:

  • Effects of gravity – This refers to the natural downward pull as we walk, sit, and move in an upward position
  • Prolonged and consistent sun exposure
  • Gradual loss of collagen and elastin in the skin – Both are types of protein that naturally occur in the body and are responsible for the taut appearance of youthful skin. However, as one ages, the collagen and elastin in the skin tend to dwindle. Collagen loss is partly responsible in the appearance of crow’s feet (wrinkles in the outermost corners of the eyes) and the progression of jowls along the jawline
  • Dramatic weight loss – This could be a result to a change in lifestyle (diet and exercise), recovery from a long-term illness, or immediately after childbirth when the skin loses elasticity as it is stretched. Excess, loose skin is often noticeable in the arms, stomach, hips, and thighs. In addition, stretch marks may also appear as the skin is unable to adhere to the new body contour
  • Influence of hormones such as in the case of menopause when production of estrogen has been depleted.
  • Prolonged and consistent sun exposure
  • Substantial loss of fat tissue in the subcutaneous layer of the skin
  • Shrinking bones which result to lack of support for the skin

Other factors that may also influence the development of sagging skin include chronic lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol.

Possible Cosmetic Treatments for Excess Skin

Face and neck – If you choose the surgical route, a face lift and/or a neck lift can help remove excess skin in the area. In addition, a brow lift or an eyelid lift can help remove loose, sagging skin on the upper third of the face. The aforementioned surgical procedures remove excess skin while the remaining skin is pulled into place for a more tightened appearance.

Non-surgical alternatives include the use of dermal fillers that primarily add volume to the skin. These injectables can be injected near or around the eyes, nose, lips, and neckline.

Body – Surgical cosmetic procedures are done in a similar fashion as the aforementioned surgical techniques for the face and neck. These procedures may include a tummy tuck, buttock enhancement surgery via implants or fat transfer, or a lower body lift.

If you’ve been having sagging skin issues either in the face, body, or both, Dr. Mosser and the rest of the team would love to help you look and feel your best! Call us at 415.398.7778 or fill out this contact form today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you improve your life through cosmetic surgery!

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