Facial Implants Recuperation

If you’re considering facial implants in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Post Facial Implant Recuperation

Swelling, bruising, and general discomfort are common immediately after any form of facial implant surgery. It is very important to Dr. Mosser that you are comfortable during your recovery. He may restrict your diet for the first few days of healing to protect the incisions, and there is a possibility of short-term facial numbness or limitations of facial movement. You’ll want to avoid any activity that could jar your face for several weeks.

Otherwise, here is what you can expect following facial implant surgery:

  • Chin implant: You will experience discomfort and swelling in the areas surrounding the incision sites for several days following surgery. Smiling and talking may be difficult. You may see black and blue marks around your chin and neck. These will fade with time. Dr. Mosser will give you instructions about dental hygiene.
  • Cheek implants: Immediately following surgery a dressing will be applied to minimize discomfort and swelling. Your ability to move your mouth and lips will be temporarily diminished. The severity and duration of side effects will vary, especially if another cosmetic procedure was done in conjunction with your cheek implants. The stitches inside your mouth will dissolve within ten days.
  • Lower jaw implant: Swelling can be dramatic for 24 to 48 hours after surgery. This will begin to subside over several days, though it can take up to one month for the new contours of your jaw to become apparent.

Results—the Amazing New You

Swelling will linger so that the results of your cosmetic facial implant surgery may not be readily apparent for several weeks, sometimes even months. Your appearance will change slowly over this period and many people won’t recognize that you’ve had facial implant surgery.

Subtly, the changes will become apparent in the new profile you present. You can expect these changes to be lasting. At any time after your procedure, you can address your questions to Dr. Mosser at any of his San Francisco facial plastic surgery clinics.

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