Radiesse Treatments

Beautiful, Natural, Conservative Results

image007Radiesse is a great filler for a number of places in the face. It’s a calcium based filler, which is the same type of calcium (hydroxyapatite) that we have in our bones. For this reason it’s extremely well tolerated by the body. It’s excellent for the smile lines around the mouth, the ‘pre-jowl’ areas in the outer chin, and also for acne scars and hand rejuvenation.

In addition to being an extremely safe and predictable filler, Radiesse results last much longer than the other temporary fillers, usually 10-12 months as compared to 4-6 months for most of the hyaluronic acid products.

Like calcium, Radiesse is white in color, but it’s extremely rare to have an issue with visibility of the product because only the deeper tissue layers are treated with Radiesse. San Francisco patients with more stubborn smile lines and acne scars will especially benefit from treatment with this particular product; I consider it to be a more ‘stout’ filler to provide a stronger lift in patients with deeper lines.

In addition to being longer lasting, one important difference to note between Radiesse and the hyaluronic acid fillers is the amount of material that comes in each syringe. In a syringe of Radiesse, there are 1.5cc of product, while with Juvederm there is only 0.8cc and in Restylane there is 1cc of product. So Radiesse is more expensive per syringe but when you take into account the amount in each syringe and also the longevity of the result, it is actually much cheaper than Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane in that it’s a much better value for the patient.

For temporary filling of almost everything except for the lips, my “go-to” filler is Radiesse. San Francisco patients want a natural result, but they also prioritize an effective lift of the areas treated, and also a good value. Radiesse helps me reach their goals.