XEOMIN Treatments

Beautiful, Natural, Conservative Results

image038Big news! Xeomin was approved for cosmetic use on July 22, 2011!

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is extremely similar to Botox and Dysport both in what it is and what it does, so you will see quite a few similarities between this text and that for the other medications in this category. Xeomin is a very pure protein (the scientific name is incobotulinumtoxinA), and has the effect of very strongly relaxing muscles when injected into them. This effect is lasts about 100 days (usually reported as about 3 months).

Some of the normal facial muscles begin to form deep wrinkles over time and this contributes to the appearance of aging in the face. Xeomin treatments relax these muscles and can result in a reversal of the appearance of aging in these areas.

What does Xeomin treat?

Xeomin is used in the same areas of the face and body as Botox. Here is a brief list of each of these regions, or you can click the link for further information about areas treated with Xeomin. San Francisco is now a city where it is becoming popular.

Horizontal forehead lines – When we raise our eyebrows, these wrinkles can form in the forehead.

Vertical frown lines (a.k.a. the 11’s) – When we furrow our brows (such as when we are angry), these vertical or diagonal wrinkles can form.

Crow’s feet – If someone produces a strong smile with squinting of the eyes, these wrinkles may appear alongside the eyes.

Brow lift – Using Xeomin to the outer brows can result in a small (2-3 millimeter brow lift.

“Smoker’s lines” – Small wrinkles around the mouth when pursing the lips.

Jaw reduction – An enlarged outer jaw muscle can be reduced with Xeomin to narrow the jawline.

Neck bands – If neck bands form when speaking or smiling, these can respond to Xeomin treatment.

Hyperhidrosis / excessive sweating – problematic sweating in the scalp, underarms, lower breasts, the palms and the feet are effectively treated with Xeomin. San Francisco is a cool city, but excessive sweating is not!

How much is used for each area?art_img7

Much like Botox, 25 units of Xeomin are used for most treatment areas. Be sure that you are getting a full 25 units if the treatment is priced per ‘area’ instead of per ‘unit’.

Essentially, the amounts used for Botox and Xeomin are identical for all areas. The lips require about 4-8 units per lip, in the neck 4-8 units per band area used, and for excessive sweating about 50 units on each side are indicated. Hands and feet may require 75 units per side, and jawline contouring with Xeomin can usually be performed with 25 units per side.

How is Xeomin similar to and different from Dysport and Botox?

All three injectable treatments are very similar, much more similar than they are different. Xeomin is almost identical to Botox in its behavior and dosing. On a molecular level, Xeomin is a bit different in that it is a purer form of the active protein than Botox. It’s very easy for a doctor to switch between Botox and Xeomin as the dosing is exactly the same. Dysport is a bit different, in that it takes about 2.5 units of Dysport to equal 1 unit of Botox (so the doctor needs to take this into account).

When will I need another treatment?

Just like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin treatments in San Francisco lasts about 3 months for aesthetic facial treatment. And also like the others, the effect of treatments for excessive sweating persists for 6 months. With time and uninterrupted use, Xeomin seems to be more effective over time at keeping the muscles relaxed, so there may be an added benefit of continuing therapy.

Will I get the same effect with each treatment?

Each patient is unique and has a different need for the location and amounts of injections. This is commonly the difference between having an inexperienced injector and having an expert injector: it is more likely for an inexperienced injector to use the same approach on all patients, while a true expert will treat each patient differently. I am careful to make sure all of my patients have their treatments documented with a map so that we can modify future treatments in a predictable way or repeat treatments if we get the exact result we desire. For this reason, I feel strongly those only medical professionals who are highly trained in aesthetics should perform these injections.

Is Xeomin Safe?

Like all effective injectables, Xeomin treatments in San Francisco have a dose range that is very safe, which any qualified injector will adhere to. It is only when much more than the recommended dose is used, or a non-FDA imitation product has been used (by unqualified injectors) that problems with safety of this medication category have been encountered.

What is the price of Xeomin?

The price per unit of Xeomin can vary depending on where you are in the country and how qualified your injector is. For Xeomin treatments in San Francisco (dermatologists and plastic surgeons) usually charge around $18-24/unit, which amounts to about $450-600 per area treated, because they are qualified aesthetic professionals. Some patients will settle for nurse injectors which of course can result in a cheaper price.