Facial Plastic Surgery

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You have heard of the mini facelift, the weekend facelift, the thread lift, and the vertical lift; but what are these procedures? Just what is a facelift? San Francisco, like other cities, has its own set of catch phrases for procedures to rejuvenate the face. Though these many terms can be overwhelming, always remember that the goal of facial rejuvenation is to bring your external appearance into harmony with your inner feelings of youth, energy, and vitality.The obvious signs of age, such as jowling, redundant skin and a lack of fullness in the mid-facial region, can certainly be corrected with a facelift. Bay area and San Francisco facelift patients in particular prioritize a natural appearance that is comfortable, soft and does not look post-surgical.

This is Dr. Mosser’s goal- to achieve a natural, harmonized and refreshed appearance; a sort of “turning back of the clock”. Advanced techniques for restoring a youthful appearance are utilized to achieve an individual and natural look for each patient. To discuss how he can help you bring youth and beauty back to your face visit Dr. Mosser.

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Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Slow descent of the brow position can create the appearance of extra skin in the upper eyelids, but, more importantly, it can make you look tired, sad, or older than your actual age. The contribution of the forehead and the eyebrows to the appearance of the eyes is often underestimated.Repositioning your brow to a more aesthetic position with a brow lift allows your eyes to open up and be more beautiful, open and expressive. A brow lift is sometimes combined with aesthetic eyelid surgery. San Francisco facial harmony begins with a skilled surgeon that sees how your brow and eyelid position play a key role in a rested and youthful look.

Dr. Mosser utilizes modern techniques to create an overall brow position which is individualized to your facial structure, so that any changes are in harmony with your unique appearance.

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Neck Lift

Aside from the face, the most obvious and advanced signs of aging appear in the neck. Some patients may possess a significant amount of extra skin in the neck area that creates an aged look, sometimes referred to as a “turkey wattle.” In addition, vertical banding, horizontal creases, and fatty jowls can make you look older than you actually are. Such appearances can be due to the natural aging process as well as major weight loss, genetics, or a combination thereof.A neck lift can correct this problem area by tightening the skin and the underlying muscles to lift the neck, while also improving the contour of the jaw line. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift, chin augmentation, and/or liposuction to give a more dramatic improvement.

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Buccal (Cheek) Excision

The face is arguably a person’s most distinct and defining feature. While we all have different facial shapes, some individuals find that they carry excess fullness in their cheeks. Such fat can produce a “chipmunk” look that appears as a pouch, and can be distressing to individuals.More often than not, this fullness is attributed to buccal fat, which is a deep pocket of fat located on the inside of either cheek. By removing this fat pad, Dr. Mosser is able to create a smoother cheek line and more defined facial appearance.

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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Your eyes are the window to your soul, and for most of us, an important defining facial feature. Excess eyelid skin and fat deposits can make you look old, look tired, and take away from one of the most beautiful features of your face.Just as everyone’s eyes are unique, your individual procedure is tailored to your aesthetic goals and can harmonize your facial appearance with Dr. Mosser’s distinctive and natural looking eyelid surgery. Bay area patients may also ask about other rejuvenating eye procedures, such as an endoscopic brow lift, when reviewing their overall eyelid and brow position.

Incisions are hidden within natural skin lines on both the upper and lower lids and can occasionally be performed without external incisions at all. Lower eyelid skin laxity or looseness will determine the best incision for your lower Eyelid Surgery. San Francisco patients experience Dr. Mosser’s meticulous techniques, preserve the overall shape of the eye, and remove the signs of aging to restore a more youthful and rested appearance.

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Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Though sometimes called a “nose job”, San Francisco and other metropolitan areas have many names for nose surgery, also known as a Rhinoplasty. With Dr. Mosser, rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. The art of nose surgery depends on his ability to recognize your face’s subtle nuances so that your procedure can be harmonious and natural.As one of the more “individualizing” features of your face, subtle changes in the appearance of your nose can make dramatic differences in your appearance. Many modifications can be performed surgically to change the shape of the nose, but it is most important to modify your nose so that it naturally balances and fits your face.

There is another important aspect to surgical rhinoplasty. Bay Area pollens and dust give us enough breathing trouble as it is, and the nasal airway should be optimized with any nose surgery to correct a deviated septum or other nasal obstruction. Dr. Mosser will evaluate the nasal airway and be sure to address these concerns, to improve the nose both inside and out.

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Chin Reshaping Surgery (Genioplasty) and Facial Implants

Your chin is an important part of your facial structure, especially when viewing your profile. A chin that is either too large or too small will certainly affect the appearance of the rest of your face. An unbalanced chin throws off facial harmony and will make your nose appear bigger or smaller than it actually is.In fact, even though chin augmentation and reduction are most commonly done to improve the shape of the chin, sometimes aesthetic surgery of the nose will require a modification of the chin to maximize the cosmetic result of the nasal surgery.

As with many of Dr. Mosser’s cosmetic procedures, the type of chin modification will vary significantly between patients. Some patients benefit from a more forward projection, and some do better with increased width. These and other issues can be determined during a consultation with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco office.

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Submental Liposuction

Do you have a small pouch of fatty tissue underneath your chin? Submental liposuction, or liposuction to the lower face, can assist in creating more definition to your face and jawline. Fat deposits in this area can make you look aged or overweight, even if you are young and fit. During your consultation, Dr. Mosser can evaluate this area to see if submental liposuction is a good option for you.If you have a great deal of extra skin, you most likely will want to consider other options such as a neck lift, but if you have good-quality skin, you may do very well with liposuction alone to this area. During a visit to our San Francisco office for a consultation, Dr. Mosser will discuss the options available for neck and chin area improvement.

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Lip Augmentation

There’s nothing as youthful as a full set of pouty lips. Dr. Mosser can perform lip augmentation in a variety of ways. Temporary lip augmentation can be achieved with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm or Restylane . But if you want to achieve a longer-lasting effect, you may wish to consider surgery for more permanent lip augmentation.San Francisco lip augmentation patients in particular prioritize a meticulous and natural result. To ensure that’s what you get, Dr. Mosser uses your own tissue, in the form of a derma-fat or a micro-fat graft, to provide a fuller appearance to your lips. In addition to a fuller and more youthful appearance, results maintain natural lip movement and a natural feel.

Ear Reduction and Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Protruding ears can be distressing for children and adults alike. Because of the external ear’s complex architecture, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mosser performs a thorough analysis of your anatomy to lead him to the appropriate approach for repositioning your ears.Using a combination of procedures to re-sculpt and reposition the cartilage, the ears can be modified to create a harmonious position and size in relation to your facial structure. The ears may need to be brought backward into a favorable position or reduced in size so that they are less prominent.

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Forehead Shortening

In addition to the face and neck areas, the forehead is one of the most apparent signs of aging. A high forehead can be the result of a receding hairline and can cause distress to both men and women alike, particularly if it contrasts with a fit and healthy body. Genetics can also contribute to a long forehead.While certainly not all high foreheads are unfavorable or unattractive, some individuals may benefit from a more balanced forehead to counteract this particular sign of aging. A surgical procedure is available for those wanting to shorten their long forehead, which involves repositioning the scalp hairline forward with a concealed incision.

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Long-term irregularities in the surface of the skin, from acne for example, may respond to a smoothing of the skin with dermabrasion. This procedure permanently improves surface contour by modifying the dermis, one of the deeper layers of the skin, and is commonly performed in combination with other procedures.Deep lines around the mouth or long term facial scars may be especially responsive to dermabrasion therapy to reduce shadowing and the prominence of these regions.

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