Dermabrasion in the San Francisco and Bay Area

If you’re considering dermabrasion in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Better Skin Tone by Dermabrasion

Beautiful skin is smooth skin. Yet even the finest complexion has irregularities that detract from its healthy tone. Dermabrasion helps to refinish the skin’s top layers through a process of controlled surgical smoothing of the deeper skin layers. The result is a smoothed appearance where surface irregularities are greatly improved. This section will familiarize you with the dermabrasion procedure before you contact a Bay Area cosmetic surgeon.

Here you will discover:

  • What you can realistically expect from the dermabrasion procedure.
  • Whether you’re a candidate for dermabrasion.
  • The best options and alternatives available to you.
  • How the dermabrasion procedure is done.

Once you’ve reviewed the benefits and surgery entailed in dermabrasion you’ll want to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco plastic surgery office to discuss your specific goals. In this relaxed environment, he will be able to explain to you:

  • Whether or not dermabrasion can benefit you.
  • The alternatives for meeting your specific goals.
  • The step-by-step dermabrasion procedure that you will undergo.
  • The outcome you can reasonably expect along with risks and possible complications of dermabrasion surgery.

Dermabrasion Basics

Skin that has been scarred by accidents, acne, or previous surgery can be greatly improved by dermabrasion. The procedure can also smooth fine facial wrinkles, especially those surrounding the mouth. It is also used to remove keratoses, which are pre-cancerous growths on the skin.

Both of these techniques use surgical instruments to remove the affected skin layers. An alternative is a chemical peel, which uses a caustic solution and tends to be better for treating fine wrinkles. Dermabrasion is effective in treating deeper imperfections such as acne scars, and can treat a small area of the skin or on the entire face.

Dermabrasion is often done in conjunction with other cosmetic-surgery procedures, such as a facelift or rhinoplasty. San Francisco is home to various surgery centers where Dr. Mosser performs these operations.

While dermabrasion can greatly improve the tone of your skin, it can’t remove all scars and flaws nor can dermabrasion prevent the effects of aging on your skin.

The Best Candidates for Dermabrasion

Healthy men and women of all ages are suitable for dermabrasion, although older people tend to heal more slowly. Most important is your skin type and coloring; dark complexions can become permanently discolored or blotchy after the treatment.

People who develop allergic rashes or other skin reactions may see issues from the procedure. Furthermore, freckles may disappear in the treated area. A dermabrasion procedure would have to be postponed if you have an active case of acne or a bad sun burn.

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