Rhinoplasty San Francisco – Nose Reshaping

If you’re considering nose surgery in San Francisco or rhinoplasty:

Bringing Balance to Your Face with Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery

The nose is an amazingly central feature to the face – not just because of its location, but because it is the key element in bringing harmony and balance to your other facial features. When any part of your nose is out of proportion—or if it fails to complement your other features—a rhinoplasty can make important improvements in your appearance and in your self confidence.

San Francisco is home to Dr. Mosser’s plastic-surgery practice, where you can have a one-on-one discussion about the benefits of the procedure before you contact a Bay area cosmetic surgeon.

In this section, you will discover:

  • What you can realistically expect from rhinoplasty.
  • Whether you’re a candidate for a nose job.
  • The options and alternatives available to you.
  • How the procedure is done.

Once you’ve reviewed the benefits and surgery entailed in nose surgery, you’ll want to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Mosser in his San Francisco plastic surgery office to discuss your specific goals.

In this relaxed environment, he will be able to explain to you:

  • Whether or not rhinoplasty makes sense for you.
  • The alternatives for meeting your specific goals.
  • The step-by-step procedure that you will undergo.
  • The outcome you can reasonably expect along with risks and possible complications of nasal surgery.

Nose Job Basics

Rhinoplasty is well suited to treat any area of the nose that can lead to imbalances in appearance:

  • Nostrils that are wide or upturned.
  • Nose width, at the bridge or at the nostrils.
  • Nose size, especially in relation to other facial features.
  • Nose profile, especially for humps or depressions on the bridge.
  • Nasal asymmetry.
  • Nasal tip, especially if it is large or bulbous, drooping, upturned, or hooked.

The two most common causes of these conditions are heredity and injury. It’s important to recognize that the nose may not be the only feature causing imbalance in the face. Small chin, flat or hollow cheeks, a low jaw, and other facial features may need work as well to bring forth your desired appearance. It’s quite common in rhinoplasty surgery for facial implants and other procedures to be performed in conjunction with a nose surgery.

A “septoplasty” (surgery of the nasal septum) is also used to improve air passageways that have been obstructed through injury or heredity. This procedure, often performed alongside a cosmetic rhinoplasty, is covered by many insurance policies.

It requires a detailed examination to determine the cause of the impairment and also requires prior authorization from the insurer. Dr. Mosser’s San Francisco cosmetic surgery office can provide you and your insurer with the information you need to move toward approval for the septoplasty portion of the surgery.

The Best Candidates for Nasal Surgery

Facial growth is complete at about the age of 15. Any male or female who is in that age range and in good general health is a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. These criteria notwithstanding, there are several questions you should ask yourself before undergoing nasal surgery:

  • Do you have any medical conditions that could impair healing from surgery?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Are you committed to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, including physical exercise?
  • Can you fully disclose your health history to Dr. Mosser, including current medications, your use of supplements, as well as your use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs?

Learn what you can expect from Rhinoplasty in San Francisco.