San Francisco Brow Lift Candidates

If you’re considering a forehead lift in San Francisco:

The Best Candidates for Brow Lift Surgery

The specific goals you wish to achieve with your brow lift surgery should take into consideration the unique features of your face. For example, incisions are typically concealed above the hairline in the scalp. If you’ve got thinning hair, or if you’re bald, you may still benefit from the procedure. Dr. Mosser will discuss the alternative forehead lift techniques that can be used, as well as the best options to achieve your goals.

Non-surgical rejuvenation techniques won’t give you the same dramatic results of a brow lift surgery, though they can delay the need for one. For example, before undergoing a brow lift, many people prefer ongoing treatments with Botox. San Francisco facelift surgery offers a variety of solutions, which Dr. Mosser will be happy to explain.

If you think a brow lift would improve your appearance, you should consider the following:

  • Do you have any medical conditions that could impair healing from surgery?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Are you committed to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, including moderate amounts of physical exercise?
  • Can you fully disclose your health history to Dr. Mosser, including current medications, your use of vitamin and herbal supplements, as well as your use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs?

Forehead Lift Surgery Specifics—What You Can Expect

Dr. Mosser performs brow lift surgery in several locations in San Francisco. Plastic surgery procedures may be scheduled for the surgery center at 450 Sutter in Union Square, as well as California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, and St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco.

The specific forehead lift surgery you undergo will take into consideration your skin, your muscle tone, your forehead height, and your bone structure. For example, one procedure may entail a surgical video device called an endoscope and special instruments inserted into small incisions in the hairline. These instruments allow the underlying tissue and muscle to be repositioned or removed, correcting the source of creases and furrows in the forehead.

On the other hand, a drooping brow may or may not require an endoscope. Incisions at the temples, in the scalp, and possibly hidden within the natural creases of the eyelid allow the surgeon to correct frown lines between the brows or surrounding the bridge of the nose.

Brow lift surgery may take up to two hours. Dr. Mosser will discuss the anesthesia during your consultation, based on the specific procedures he will use as well as your own needs. In addition, Botox may be prescribed prior to surgery in order to help muscles fully relax before they are repositioned and tightened.

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