Ear Reduction Candidates

If you’re considering otoplasty in the Bay Area:

The Best Candidates for Ear Surgery

The majority of otoplasty surgeries are performed on children between the ages of four and fourteen, as well as adults. If you are considering the otoplasty procedure for your child, it is important for you to be alert to your child’s feelings about his or her protruding ears.

Children who are self-conscious about their ears are generally more receptive to ear revision surgery, and are more cooperative in the process. They’re also more likely to be happy with the outcome. Once you have decided that ear surgery would be beneficial, you’ll want to ask yourself several key questions:

  • •Do you or your child have any medical conditions that could impair healing from ear revision surgery?
  • •Are you committed to seeing that you and/or your child observe proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, including moderate amounts of physical exercise?
  • •Can you fully disclose your or your child’s health history to Dr. Mosser, including current medications, use of vitamin and herbal supplements, as well as use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs?

Otoplasty Surgery Specifics—What You Can Expect

Large and protruding ears aren’t the only reason to consider otoplasty. The surgery can treat “lop ear,” a condition when the tip folds down and forward. In addition to treating oversized ears, otoplasty can also treat very small or “cupped” ears, as well as help with “shell ear” in which the curve in the outer rim as well as natural folds and creases are missing.

Likewise, ear revision surgery makes sense for those who have oversized lobes—or lobes that have creases and wrinkles. Dr. Mosser will explain the best alternatives in surgery to meet your specific goals.

General anesthesia is usually recommended for very young children so that they will sleep through the ear revision operation. For older children and adults, a local anesthesia combined with a sedative may be used. Dr. Mosser will discuss all of these alternatives well in advance of you or your child’s ear surgery.

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