Ear Revision Surgery (otoplasty) Recuperation

If you’re considering otoplasty in San Francisco:

Post Ear Revision Surgery Recuperation

Immediately after ear revision surgery, you or your child’s head will be wrapped in a loose bandage to help the tissue to conform to the new shape and to promote healing. The ears may throb and general discomfort is common. Dr. Mosser will help control pain through medication.

Dr. Mosser may place a small tube near the incision sites to drain any excess fluid that may collect under the skin.

Before you or your child is released, he will give you detailed instructions for:

  • Caring for the ear surgery incision sites.
  • Taking medications to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection.
  • Specific things to be aware about concerning the surgical site.

Within a matter of days, the bulky bandages will be replaced by a lighter head dressing not unlike a tennis-player’s headband. You will be given detailed directions for when and how this headband should be worn, especially at night.

Stitches will dissolve or will be removed within a week to 10 days. You or your child should avoid any activity that might bend the ear for at least one month. Children can return to school or to other normal activity within a week or so, as long as they are careful to avoid roughhousing or any playground activity that might imperil their ears. Adults can return to work two to five days after ear revision surgery.

Results—the Amazing New You

The goal of any cosmetic ear surgery is an improvement, not perfection. No two ears will match each other in perfect symmetry because no two ears on any individual are perfectly symmetrical. Over months, the incision sites will continue to refine so that they’re virtually unnoticeable except on close inspection. At any time after your procedure, you can address your questions to Dr. Mosser at his San Francisco facial plastic surgery office.

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