How do I get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Brow Lift There are many treatment options for forehead wrinkles, and the right one for you depends on what you are experiencing.  Wrinkles can usually be treated with a Botox or Dysport injection, provided your brow is in a good position already.

These products work to relax the muscles of the forehead, which reduces or eliminates the appearance of wrinkles.  However, if your brow tends to droop, relaxing those muscles further will not help much.

If this is the case, or you notice deeper creases or excess skin, a Brow Lift may be a good option.  During this procedure, the underlying tissues and muscles are repositioned to eliminate the lines and sagging.

It’s recommended that you visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss these options thoroughly. Based on what you are experiencing, your surgeon will make suggestions and delineate a treatment plan that works best for your unique situation.

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