Here’s the Injectable to Watch Out For!

Here’s the Injectable to Watch Out For in 2015!
It looks like the double chin woes of many will be gone for good sooner than most people expect. An injectable which is currently called as ATX-101 has just been unanimously recommended for approval by an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) advisory committee last month. By and large, ATX-101 is just one final approval away before it becomes available for the general public.

Currently, there is no injectable in the market that has shown to be truly effective in eliminating the unsightly, excess fat under the chin. Men and women who want to get rid of their double chins usually resort to surgery. The surgical approach itself is even complex. First, liposuction is performed to get rid of the excess fat. Once the issue on extra fat has been addressed, there’s a huge chance that excess skin will remain. Therefore, another type of surgery is needed to trim or remove extra skin. In some cases, chin implants may be necessary to fully improve the appearance of the chin’s natural contours.

On the other hand, non-invasive procedures such as Ulthera and Thermage to help reduce fat in the chin area has been shown to not give patients their desired outcomes all the time.

How ATX-101 Works
In a nutshell, ATX-101 primarily contains deoxycholate, a naturally occurring compound in the body which dissolves dietary fat. With repeated injections, the fat below the skin’s surface is slowly and gradually eliminated.

Known side effects of the injectable include slight bruising, swelling, numbness, and redness in the area.

The final approval of ATX-101 from the FDA is estimated to come out in May this year. Like with previous cases as before, the FDA usually approves what an advisory committee unanimously recommends.

Dr. Mosser and the rest of the team are looking forward to the approval of ATX-101 this year! For more information on injectables to help you get natural-looking results, call 415.398.7778 to schedule an appointment with us today!

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