How Efficient is a Lateral Brow Lift to Treat/improve Crow’s Feet?

Unfortunately a lateral brow lift isn’t usually effective in treating crow’s feet.  Yes it’s possible it will eliminate the appearance of some of the lines, but it won’t remove all of them. Crow’s feet are small lines typically caused by laughing and smiling.  Because they are created from muscular movement, the best way to treat them would be with injectables such as Dysport or Botox.  These results will of course be temporary, but recovery time is quick.

If the lines are considered static (meaning you can see them even when you are not smiling or squinting) alternative options like laser resurfacing may be the way to go.  The best way to answer your question definitively is to schedule a consult with a surgeon experience in brow lift treatments.  You can then discuss the treatment options and decide the best route to take.

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