How is rhinoplasty in Hispanic patients different than in other patients?

Rhinoplasty Definitely each ethnicity has different characteristics.  Once upon a time surgeons were trained to view the Caucasian aesthetic as the ideal look when performing a rhinoplasty.  However, over time that training has evolved, and instead of a “one size fits all” mentality, surgeons now try to create an ideal that fits the individual, rather than the masses.

The goal usually is to achieve an aesthetic that is pleasing to the patient without diminishing ethnic traits, and respecting each person’s individuality and facial harmony.  With Hispanic patients, there is often a bit of extra tissue on the dorsum (ridge) of the nose, or a lack of bone in the upper part of the nose (the nasion or bridge area).

A board certified plastic surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty will be able to identify and explain clearly to you the particular ethnic features of your nose, and how they would be addressed with rhinoplasty while still maintaining your look.

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