How is rhinoplasty surgery different in men vs. women?

RhinoplastyIn any rhinoplasty surgery, bringing balance & harmony to the face is the goal.  For men, this is very important since a nose that appears feminine would in fact detract from the face.  A poorly shaped or disproportionate nose not only affects your appearance but can also impact your self esteem.  The end result should be masculine & well balanced.

Specifically men tend to prefer a stronger profile than women, which means the dorsal line of the nose needs to be straighter and very, very slightly curved for women.  Also the angle of the nose (the angle the lower nose creates with the upper lip) needs to be slightly smaller for men than for women, usually close to a 90 degree angle for men versus more like a 100-110 degree angle for women.

Ultimately though, it’s a balance between what you envision and what your surgeon feels capable of providing.  It might be a good idea if available to get a computer rendition of what you’re picturing, to give your surgeon a better visual to work with.

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