How to Achieve Optimum Outcomes with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt LiftDeciding on a Brazilian butt lift requires thorough assessment and evaluation both on your end and your surgeon’s. Once you have scheduled the exact date of your operation, taking steps to be physically and emotionally ready for the surgery should be a priority. In plastic surgery, how you prepare for the procedure plays a crucial role in helping you achieve optimum outcomes.

Below is an outline of what it means to be sufficiently prepared for a Brazilian butt lift:

Have a diet revamp.

If you’re eating Chinese takeout almost every night, you might want to rethink your eating habits while you’re preparing for the Brazilian butt lift. By and large, it pays to consume majority of your diet from whole food sources that are nutrient dense rather than go for highly processed foods that consist mostly of empty calories and artificial flavoring. Eating mostly from whole foods will ensure that you are properly nourished while recovering from surgery.

Quit smoking.

There’s more to cigarette smoke than increasing your risk of various types of cancer, cardiovascular issues, and respiratory illnesses. Smoking causes blood vessel constriction which in turn limits the amount of oxygen supply to other tissues in your body. This has a profound effect on the rate at which you heal after surgery. In a nutshell, going cold turkey before your Brazilian butt lift reduces your risk of infection, anesthesia complications, and longer hospital stays during recovery.

Stock up on supplies that you will most likely need during recovery.

Preparing for your surgery also means stocking on things that will help you heal and recover well. It may be best to purchase compression garments, ice packs, and a donut-shaped chair (for you to sit on after surgery) ahead of time. You might also want to have someone stay with you for the first two weeks post-surgery and help you with the household chores such as preparing your meals and assisting you with personal hygiene.

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