How to pick a plastic surgeon: credentials, communication, compassion

Plastic SurgeonMany people could use some help with thinking about how to  choose a plastic surgeon. Being outside of the industry, they don’t know what to look for so they can be easily wooed by glitz and glamour that have nothing to do with the all-important doctor/patient relationship.

My advice would be simple:  pick your plastic surgeon just as you would choose  anyone you would trust as a partner on an extremely important business project. You want to see their qualifications (certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, in the case of plastic surgery) and you need to feel that your ‘partner’ is highly capable and good at listening to your priorities and making them his or her own. Finally, you certainly only want to partner with people who are good, thoughtful and compassionate at the core. We all spend a lifetime honing our ability to judge others soundly. Listen to your gut:if you check for Board Certification and also you really feel that you are in good, capable, compassionate hands then chances are that you’re making a sound decision.

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