Injectable Fillers Bay Area

If you’re considering an injectable filler in the San Francisco Bay Area…

Dermal fillers work especially well when used with other rejuvenation procedures, such as wrinkle reduction through the injection of Botox. The San Francisco Bay Area contains numerous clinics where dermal filler injections can be done. Eyelid surgery and face lift surgery are also common procedures to be performed in conjunction with injectable filler treatment. Dr. Mosser will discuss the alternatives that make the best sense to meet your specific goals.

Post Dermal Filler Recuperation

You may experience numbness and swelling at the injection sites immediately following the injection of a dermal filler (there might also be redness and minor bruising, which can often be obscured with ordinary cosmetics). All of these problems should dissipate within a few days. Icing the areas may help.

Dr. Mosser will explain to you how to care for the treated areas:

  • the expected duration of your injectable filler results
  • specific concerns you should be aware of concerning the injection sites
  • when to seek follow-up procedures in order to maintain the results of your dermal filler treatments

Results—the Amazing New You

You’ll see results from injectable filler treatment immediately, though you may also see mild swelling and bruising. This will improve within a matter of hours or within a few days. If fat is used as the injectable filler, the condition may persist for a bit longer. Except for fat grafting, the results of injectable fillers aren’t permanent. As you continue to age, the dermal filler will be absorbed by your body and the results you first obtained will diminish over time. To maintain your results, you’ll need continued treatments with dermal fillers. And at any time after your injectable filler procedure, you can address your questions to Dr. Mosser at any of his San Francisco facial plastic surgery clinics.

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