Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel

What is a Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel?

Much like the variety of chemical peels available in San Francisco today, the Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel makes use of a specially formulated acid solution that instigates exfoliation on the outermost layer of the skin. Dr. Scott Mosser has repeatedly recognized the Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel as a one of the safest and most effective ways of revealing healthier and younger looking skin underneath the often dry and damaged skin that most of his patients consult him with. A Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel works gradually when used as a means of skin renewal because it works only on very thin skin layers during each application, and owes its action mainly on the collaborative action of a Retin-A treatment followed by the Jessner peeling solution.

How does a Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel work?

A Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel works as a twofold procedure.

  • First off is the application of a Retin-A preparation onto the patient’s skin every night for about two weeks before the actual Jessner peel treatment. Retin-A has been found to be a very good prepping solution for skin that will be subjected to a chemical peel. This formulation must be used in small amounts, as indicated by the doctor, over all of the skin surfaces that are indicated for the Jessner peel that will follow. Retin-A formulations are enriched with vitamin-A that is known to alter the metabolism of the skin’s surface at a cellular level to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even patches of sun damage. This pre-Jessner Peel regimen also serves to even out the patient’s skin tone and generally condition the skin so that any potential hyperpigmentation may also be avoided. As such, it effectively brings most of the skin’s blemishes closer to the surface during the course of the initial preparation so that the Jessner peel can address them much more easily.

  • After the Retin-A application period, and immediately before the actual Jessner peel treatment, doctors will usually carry out a glycolic deep cleansing step to help ensure that the peeling preparation will exert an even action throughout the indicated surface area of the skin. After this, the Jessner Peel solution will be applied directly onto the skin surfaces using small pieces of gauze for an even application. The eye area, and other sensitive areas of the face, would be carefully avoided to avoid damage or irritation. This solution will be allowed to stay on the patient’s skin for about 10 minutes, or more, depending on the intended depth of the peel and on the strength of the solution that was used, after which it will be rinsed off with cold water.

The subtle changes in the patient’s skin will become evident after a series of successive treatments with the special chemical peeling solution, which is usually recommended every two weeks or once a month, depending on the patient’s skin requirement.

What should I do to take care of my skin after a Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel?

Patients will be advised to stay out of direct sunlight for a few days, usually up to one week, immediately after the Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel because the newly treated skin will be highly photosensitive and immediate and excessive exposure may cause considerable damage to it. A skin protecting preparation is recommended during the first 3 to 4 days of the recovery phase. If going outdoors is absolutely necessary, products with high SPF are recommended. In addition to this, your new beautiful skin will come at a small price, because for a few days after the treatment, the patient will experience a slight tingly sensation similar to sunburn. The skin will also feel tighter where it was treated and the patient must take care to not make any sudden big facial expressions to prevent damage or injuries understand such as bleeding, tearing, or scarring. Despite the sensitivity, however, the treated areas must still be cleansed using a very mild cleanser and water.

What results should I expect from a Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel?

As the damaged outermost layers of the skin are peeled off, so are all the blemishes and imperfections that were on those layers. Additionally, the Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel will definitely help in boosting the patient’s beauty regimen because the newly exfoliated skin will become more responsive to other beauty treatments for beauty products that are applied after the Jessner Peel with Retin-A Peel. It is often noticed that beauty products seem to produce tapered results overtime, and this is mainly because of the resistance that is developed by the top layer of the skin the longer these products are used. Revealing new skin underneath all that product buildup could mean that your products will be adsorbed more readily and, therefore, become more effective.