Kim Kardashian’s Waist Training: Does It Work?

Tummy TuckReality TV star Kim Kardashian was recently spotted in a body-hugging mesh crop top and pencil skirt revealing a well-toned midriff at Studio City, California. Kim credits her hourglass look to the waist training that she and her sister Khloe have been obsessing with since last year. The makers of the modern-day corset claim that the slimming device significantly cuts down water retention and reduces inflammation in the uterus following childbirth.

Do these waist cinching devices really work? Yes they do but only temporarily. Many women use waist trainers days or weeks before they are about to wear a body-hugging dress for a party. Also, the corsets promote positive body image which in turn encourages them to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

If you’re looking for permanent results, there’s no reason to fret! You can give Kim’s corset training a try and couple it with the following surefire ways to permanently achieve a firmer, healthier, and shapelier midsection:

Assume the role of sleeping beauty!
Getting enough sleep do not just help boost the immune system and make you appear naturally glowing the next day. A study has found out that a slimmer waist is not just about eating less and moving more but also about getting enough sleep. A 2012 study revealed that one’s sleeping habits play a significant role in losing weight. Additionally, the researchers found out that chronic sleep deprivation is a risk factor of obesity.

Strengthen your core.
The core is comprised of your muscles in the abdomen, back, pelvis, sides, and buttocks. Functionally speaking, a strong core enhances your body’s balance and stability. The real world benefits of having a strong core include having a healthy back, good posture, excellent balance and stability, and less difficulty in performing household chores. Aesthetically speaking, a slimmer waist is also a consequence of a strong core. Planks, squats, lunges, and kettlebell swings are excellent core exercises for beginners.

Explore your body-contouring options.
Liposuction is currently the most frequently performed body contouring procedure in America. This is not a surprise at all because such treatments really deliver their promise in shaping and sculpting the body’s natural contours. Additionally, the introduction of new techniques has made body-contouring procedures less invasive with shorter recovery periods.

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