Plastic Surgery Loan Instructions

Applying for plastic surgery financing to cover your procedure

Our center is pleased to work with patients through a plastic surgery financing company called Care Credit. Please follow the link below to their website for further information, easy online instant application, and other useful tools like their payment calculator. happy to provide convenient financing options to our patients. Click on the link below to begin a financing application immediately. There is no commitment whatsoever for applying, and within minutes you’ll have an answer regarding approval status for your procedure.

The CareCredit card is North America’s leading patient payment program. The CareCredit card is as easy to use as a regular credit card, but is designed specifically to help you meet your health needs. Best of all, CareCredit offers convenient payment plans and no hidden costs. You can use your CareCredit card for follow-up appointments as well as surgery.

For help on applying for these loans and how to qualify, click here.

However, if there is any trouble with approval, then don’t lose hope! We have worked with patients time and again to get through the system and sometimes something as simple as a change of address can lead to a glitch in the approval process. Also, we regularly help patients solve those sorts of problems, so please give us a call directly (415) 398-7778 if you would like any assistance whatsoever with the application or approval process.

When you apply you might want to have this documentation ready:

  1. A valid Drivers license
  2. Your two most recent pay stubs (self employed individuals may submit tax returns or 3 months bank statements)
  3. A voided check
  4. A major credit card.
  5. A recent utility bill in your name, as proof of residency

And, just so you get an idea of the basic guidelines the companies are looking for, here are some of the criteria they may require:

  • 2 Years consistent employment (same field of business)
  • Gross Monthly income of $ 1500.00
  • Minimum FICO score 560 with no open collections (small open collections are acceptable), or unsatisfied judgments
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged for 2 years to the month
  • Minimum 2 years established credit history with unsecured credit extended

Remember that our office has a lot of experience guiding patients through this process and troubleshooting any difficulties you may encounter. Please call us if we can be of assistance with helping you find financing for your upcoming procedure.

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CareCredit Plastic Surgery Financing