Mini-brow lift vs. Botox: trying to save money

Mini Brow LiftWhether or not a mini-brow lift versus Botox would benefit you is a question best asked directly to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  A mini-brow lift may not have the same outcome as Botox treatments.  Botox works by paralyzing forehead muscles, muscles between the eyebrows, and the muscles that create laugh lines.  A mini-brow lift may or may not address all such issues, and it’s possible you will still need Botox after surgery.  That’s why a consult is the best course of action.  During a consultation, the doctor will listen to your appearance goals and discuss with you which options will best achieve your goals.

Botox is very effective to reduce/eliminate wrinkling of the areas I mentioned above. And as you noted, Botox is done about every 3 months to maintain optimal results.  However, the amount of a brow lift you can get from Botox is only about 3-4 millimeters of lift in the best case scenarios.

A mini-brow lift would be effective for getting rid of sagging, creasing, excess skin of the forehead, and a drooping brow.  Visible results will be to a greater degree than Botox and are long-term.  So you need to make decisions based on your individual situation. I recommend you meet with a Plastic Surgeon to discuss both of these options and develop a treatment plan based on your unique needs.

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