Mommy Makeovers

Mommy Makeover They have combined specific procedures to make mommy appear like she was before the blessed event of pregnancy. It lifts your breast up, and if needed, you can have their size altered. Your abdomen can be slimmed and tightened and before you know it, your girlish figure is back intact.
Some women are so depressed about the changes in their figures they wish they had opted for adoption. This will allow you to have both, the baby and the body.

Is Your Butt Dragging you Down?
Some women have bad luck or none at all. No breasts, no butt and just flab in between, you don’t have to live with that anymore. Your butt can be a proud accessory now, a source of compliments and well-fitting clothes, and your breasts will allow you to wear dresses requiring cleavage -when put together you will be a knock out.

Enough is Enough
If you are too well- endowed, have your bust reduced to balance your profile. Breasts that are too large – can cause severe back and shoulder pain, causing people to slouch, which exacerbates the problem even further. Moreover, I don’t care how much support a bra provides, the weight is still an issue. It’s like carrying around a 20-pound barbell on your back, it’s exhausting.

You can have it done by liposuction, which only requires a local anesthetic. If you need breast reduction surgery that takes a longer recovery period and general anesthesia, but the result is very natural looking.

The best way to decide is to go and talk to the plastic surgeon. They can tell you what method will work best for you and why. They can also tell you all the specifics of do’s and don’ts while you are healing.

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