Q&A: Brazilian butt lift – how is this different from a regular butt lift?

Buttock Lift ProcedureThe Buttock Lift procedure involves removing excess skin in the buttock region and tightening the skin in the upper part of the buttocks.  This results in a lifting of the buttocks.  It effectively cuts away tissue at the lower back and buttock junction, and elevates the buttock tissues for reshaping of the entire butt.

This is a good procedure if you aren’t really looking for augmentation, and instead just want to remove a sagging appearance.  It can also be used in tandem with liposuction to the hips and thighs with very pleasing results.

The Brazilian Buttock Lift involves liposuction to other area(s) of the body to accumulate natural fat tissues which can then be micro-fat grafted, or delicately and meticulously injected to the buttocks.  It doesn’t merely tighten excess skin, or ‘lift’ the buttocks, but actually fills out the buttock region for a full, rounded appearance.  Keep in mind, that this procedure does require you have enough excess fat in other area(s) of the body to do the procedure.

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