Q&A: Can I use SmartLipo, Vaser or CoolLipo with a Brazilian Butt lift?

Brazilian Butt LiftIt is commonly thought that procedures such as these, involving heat, laser, or ultrasound technology is less invasive.  That actually may be a misconception.  Procedures such as this can, in a sense, be considered more invasive since you are adding heat or laser to the traditional form of liposuction involving a metal cannula and vacuum aspiration.

With a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, because it involves micro-fat grafting the fat that is removed must remain alive and viable.  With procedures involving heat, lasers, or ultrasound, the fat is melted down for easier removal.  These technologies can’t be used for a Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure because this can damage the fat cells that would later be grafted.

Also, the cells surrounding the area where you plan to inject the fat could be damaged as well, making survival chances of the transplanted fat cells very slim.  Liposuction for a BBL needs to be especially gentle and done by using the traditional ‘tumescent’ liposuction technique without any heat, laser or ultrasound technology.  This will offer the most viable chance for success.

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