Q&A: How long is the recovery time for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Buttock LiftA Brazilian Buttock Lift is typically an out-patient procedure, meaning you can have the lift done, and go home the same day, with restrictions.  Some patients may choose to stay overnight in a health care facility.

The recovery time for the Brazilian Buttock Lift generally involves taking about 1 week away from work, and 3 weeks away from exercise and heavy lifting.  Every surgeon will have different requirements that you will be asked to abide by.

Most normal, daily activities can be resumed in about 1 week and a compression garment is worn by patients for a few weeks post-operatively to ensure minimal swelling and smooth results.  This helps with the contour of the areas that experienced liposuction. However, please keep in mind that patients can’t sit or lie directly on the area that was grafted for about 14 days after the procedure.

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