Q&A: How many stitches does a facelift require?

FaceliftThe number of stitches required for a facelift is largely unimportant. More important is having a discussion with your surgeon to discuss where the incision areas will be and what you can expect in terms of healing and long term results. For instance do you use sutures or staples that will need to be removed, and what is the estimated removal time, or do you use stitches that dissolve on their own? As to the actual number, most doctors will just tell you as many as it takes to do the job properly, with minimal scarring.

Keep in mind, incisions for facelifts generally hide along the hairline or behind the ears and do not show anyway. I also use mostly absorbable stitches which dissolve on their own so my patients do not need to have stitches removed during their healing process. This increases your overall comfort.

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